Ronit Kory

A Washington, D.C. area native, I moved to Berlin in 2015 after spending a decade in Jerusalem. My change in location coincided with a change in career paths: from working in project coordination and design to learning web development, through a full stack, intensive course (DCI, Berlin) that is nearing conclusion. This course has revealed a fascinating new world to me, and I am eager to sharpen my skills through my first professional position in this field.

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My Favourite Tech

It's a cute little helper

Pug makes HTML more compact, plus it lets you write little snipits of JS right into it! Fabulous.

Daunting at first, but now it's great

Express is like a quilt, and it's interesting to see how everything is woven together in the end.

Practical and useful

Thanks for letting me not have to learn another language immediately, Node. That's about it.

My Projects