Dominik Hanke

Being a web developer for more than 15 years and teaching my first course at DCI, I'm very proud of the achievements my students have been able to make.

Teaching motivated students to become the developers of our future web applications is an exiting path and I'm training them to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.JS, Express, React and more 4 days a week.

Development is a strong passion and a creative job
Teaching leaves a footprint in the world
My students are my heroes

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My Favourite Tech

The good old friend

Being a PHP developer for so many years, I'm still in love with this language and MySQL is the common companion.

Node.js & Express
The new friend

I started to use Node.js and Express for the backend in the last months and it's a very interesting experience.

The unshaken basement

Ubuntu is powering my root servers for years now and has always been the reliable manager of all important tasks.

My Projects