Daniela Fedyakin

Hi! I'm Daniela, originally from Israel, spent my adolescence in Ukraine and currently based in Berlin where I'm taking my first steps in Web Development.

I am very passionate about my job, and hope one day to make a change with the skills that I have. I'm a team player who is also a former Architect, so attention to details and organisational skills are my second name.

I enjoy volunteering as a tutor in two schools where I teach JavaScript. When I'm not doing any of the mentioned above, you can find me taking care of animals :)

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My Favourite Tech

Backend adventures

For the past few months I've been working and experimenting with Node.js by creating different applications. I really like how easy yet challenging it is.

JavaScript (ES6)
Full stack magician

The most dynamic language, amazing how you can work both in the backend and the frontend, with only one langugae! The ES6 update brought it to a new level.

My Projects